A little Information about the Lady behind the lens..

Hi there,

My name is Francesca and I am a professional photographer based out of Christchurch, New Zealand. I've always loved capturing joyful or sentimental moments, my camera roll is always running out of space! To be able to combine that with the enjoyment of working with new friendly faces each day - often in the most incredible of locations, well it's a dream come true. I studied a 12 month photography course and have such an appreciation for the technical side of photography as well as the creative. While I love photographing anything and everything, I'll admit I have a special place in my heart for special occasions as well as families and little babies.

Please sing out if you have any questions or queries!


Come find me on Instagram, @photographywithfran

These two (three) giving me all the lovey dovey feels 😍😍
Some of my many many favourites from Jayde and Martin’s special day 😍 the most genuine; funny and very much loved couple - the ceremony, celebration and speeches couldn’t have been any more obvious of that ❤️
It’s always such a privilege to be booked by a fellow photographer, Charli and Henry were such a dream - you could tell they were well and truly used to the camera 😍😍 @amy.walkerphotography
Presenting Mr. & Mrs. Tribe 🥺😍
I have so much spam to share but for now, enjoy this dreamy teaser. It was my first ever wedding shoot and it could not have been more incredible, such an honour 🤍🤍
Anna is such a natural beauty but I’m sorry, I think Taco steals the show in this snap 🐶😂 the bestest boy ever!!! 🥺😍
I had the absolute honour of capturing these lovely ladies at their awards ceremony ❤️ Business events are the best opportunity to capture some content for your socials and even just to motivate and inspire employees throughout the company, DM to customise your event photography package now! 🥰
Anytime someone messages asking if they can bring their pet, my answer is always the same... yes please!! And as much as I’m a sucker for a cute pooch - this is your official invitation to get creative and bring along your family pet regardless of their species, there will be a discount of 25% on extended galleries if you’re bringing an animal/reptile etc. I haven’t shot previously 🥰
Benji 😍😍